About Me

Laurie Cliquet

Learning French needn’t be a chore. It should be fun, relevant and engaging.

Laurie has been teaching on this basis since 1989. What better way to achieve an authentic grasp on French than to be taught by an experienced, lively, fun National.

Laurie teaches at all levels of ability from beginners to expert.

Her refreshing and flexible approach to learning her beautiful language means that her pupils will enjoy gaining not only grammatical exercise but also a familiarity with French life and culture.

Literature, food and art history are covered as well as other aspects of la vie en France.

Experience has taught her that the careful structuring of lessons around students’ needs and goals rather than some unrelated framework will produce the best results and encourage learning. An analysis of these requirements is her first step in structuring your program and is done free of charge up front.

You might want your French for holidays, retirement plans, revision support or just to have a conversation.

A discussion with Laurie will show you how she can help you get to your goal while having fun along the way.