Business French

Business French

Laurie has taught Business French to the employees of these local companies.

Doing business in your customers’ native language can give you an advantage that is hard to beat. Speaking with confidence, fluency and using appropriate vocabulary will add impact and a certain je ne sais quoi, dare we say?

Learning Business French in Cheltenham with Laurie Cliquet

Laurie has 20 years’ experience teaching business French. Her courses are bespoke. Material is constantly updated and adapted so that you and your employees will learn the French that will fit with your commercial requirements. Whether you need sales patter, technical terms or financial language sessions will be tailored accordingly.

When you sign up we can agree how you want your 60 or 90 minute lessons to be run.

Learn Business French The Convenient Way

For example, lessons can be one to one or group based. They can be held at your offices to reduce disruption or off site as appropriate. Finally, teaching can be carried out before, during or after the normal working day. You choose.