Conversational French

La-Flotte French Market épicier vert

Perhaps you want to get to the heart of France and immerse yourself. Conversation lessons with Laurie will focus on how you use the language day to day. You will be able to order that pain au chocolat with aplomb, discuss French politics and generally enjoy relaxed authentic French language either one to one or with similarly motivated others. Grammar is not ignored but woven into the sessions so that you learn it as you go. All lessons will be tailored to starting abilities, allowing you to progress with confidence.

As with all the courses offered by Laurie, a free 30 minute taster session is available.

Chez Laurie

Do you already have a working knowledge of French but want to delve a little deeper, polish your skills while enjoying French canapes, wine and company? Chez Laurie is a course of regular social events structured around specific French cultural topics. You relax and learn at the same time. If you are preparing for a life in France for example, this course will be an ideal introduction to la vie en France.

Later, the course maybe extended to include short breaks in the loveliest regions of France. Tourist traps will be avoided as Laurie shows you the real France. Salut!

Chez Laurie is a specific program aimed at the more discerned francophile