My Fees

A thirty minute ‘needs assessment’ is available at a charge of £10 which will be refunded when lessons are booked.

Tuition periods are 60 minutes (minimum) but can be be extended to 90 or 120 minutes.

Lessons are payable in advance in blocks of five or ten.

£30.00 hourly one to one lesson
£35.00 hourly one to two lessons
£15.00 hourly per person for groups of three or more
£7.00 forty five minutes children’s groups(maximum 5 in a group)

On-line tuition is available – please contact me to discuss

Terms and Conditions

Lessons are paid for in advance and due on receipt of my invoice.

A course of 5 lessons must be taken within a six week course period.

A course of 10 lessons must be taken within a 12 week course period.

Outstanding lessons (outside the course period) will not be refunded.

Lessons can be cancelled 24 hrs in advance but must be rescheduled to avoid exceeding the course period.

Lessons are arranged on an individual basis and are NOT transferable.

I reserve the right to reschedule lessons.